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Steps (39) arrow_drop_up arrow_drop_down
Obtain direct export of premium coffee licence  (3) expand_more expand_less
Obtain permit of direct coffee export  (3) expand_more expand_less
Registered Exporter System (REX system) certificate of origin  (2) expand_more expand_less
Obtain certificate of radioactivity analysis  (4) expand_more expand_less
Obtain GSP certificate of origin  (5) expand_more expand_less
Pre-clearance documentation  (2) expand_more expand_less
Obtain phytosanitary certificate  (4) expand_more expand_less
Obtain International Coffee Organization (ICO) certificate  (5) expand_more expand_less
Custom declaration  (2) expand_more expand_less
Consignment inspection  (2) expand_more expand_less
Obtain TRA release order  (2) expand_more expand_less
Port clearance  (5) expand_more expand_less

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(last modified: 21/09/2022)

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USD 108
0 mn  -  10 mn
0.5 day  -  2 days

Contact details

Entity in charge

Mobile E payment

Expected results

Mobile money text as proof of payment


1. 01 - Libre deuda de patente
Control number (phs) (original)

Cost USD 102

TZS expand_more expand_less
  • TZS Add Name Here
This is an estimate based on a series of assumptions which you can modify to calculate your own costs:

Cost detail

Estimate your cost

USD 0 -
USD  15 per Consignment
Phytosanitary certificate fee
Equivalent to Tshs
For all consignment
for export certification fee. This fee applies to all consignment
For consignment equals to 1 ton or less, Inspection fee
or  USD 2
for inspection
For consignments superior to 1 tonne but inferior to 1000 tonnes
or  USD 2
for fixed inspection cost
USD 0 -
USD  0.2 per ton
for variable inspection cost
Equivalent to TSH
For consignment above 1000 tons, the following apply
or  USD 2
for fixed inspection cost
USD 0 -
USD  0.1 per ton
for variable inspection cost
Equivalent to TSH
If pests or signs of pests are observed in the consignment
USD 100
The fee is paid when pests or signs of pests is observed in the consignment. Fee may be more, depending on the number of consignment
or  USD 0 -
USD  24 per Consignment
Price for destruction of materials or Packaging material related to plant product when pests or signs of pests is observed in the consignment. Fee may be more depending on destruction cost.
Equivalent to TSH
Payment methods: cash, check, Mobile money
For Mpesa, Dial *150*00# .For Tigopesa, Dial *150*01# . For Airtelmoney, Dial *150*60#. For Halopesa, Dial *150*88#. Select government payment, payment number will be the control number. The payment number for both platforms is the valid control number obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture (PHS). Payments can also be made through NMB bank Account name: Revenue collection retention account, Account number: 20101000069 using the control number.

Time frame

Attention at counter: Max.   5mn
Waiting time until next step: Min.   0.5 day - Max.   2 days

Legal justification

1. Plant Protection Regulation, 1998
Plant Protection Regulation, 1998
Sections 63, 64 Schedule 16

Who certified this information ?

Mdili KATEMANI, Officer incharge, 26/11/2018

Recourse: Ministry of Agriculture

Entity in charge

Ministry of Agriculture

Tanzania Plant Health and Pesticide Authority (TPHPA), P.O. Box 9071, Kilimo road, Temeke, Dar es Salaam
Tel: +255 222 835 642
Fax: +255 222 865 642
Email: phs@kilimo.go.tz
Website: http://www.kilimo.go.tz/index.php/en
Directions: Google maps
The office is closed during weekend and public holidays

Unit in charge

Department of Plant health services

Mon: 07:30 - 13:00, 14:00 - 16:30
Tue: 07:30 - 13:00, 14:00 - 16:30
Wed: 07:30 - 13:00, 14:00 - 16:30
Thu: 07:30 - 13:00, 14:00 - 16:30
Fri: 07:30 - 13:00, 14:00 - 16:30
The office is closed during weekend and public holidays

Person in charge

Mdili S. Katemani

Officer in charge, Plant Quarantine and Phytosanitary Services
Tel: +255 659 387 945 / +255 756 637 966
Email: katemani.sambayi@kilimo.go.tz, dancateman@gmail.com
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